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Shambhala Music and Lyrics

Music by The Truthsayers

Lyrics by L. M. McDermott
Music by Baylor Maggenti

Headed for the Middleground

Verse 1

Don’t be so good to me.
Don’t gift me with your love.
Don’t see the worth in me.
I’m afraid to feel so loved.

Your constant generosity
Just puts me in pain.
Your sweet and caring ways
Just drive me insane.

All your warmth and your
Plentiful attention,
Reminds me that my life’s been filled
With anger, rage, and tension.

Grown ups robbing me
Of each and every delight.
Everything I did was wrong.
Nothing I did was right.

Your every act of kindness
Cuts me to the bone.
And I’d be better off
If you’d just leave me alone.

I’m a danger to myself,
Pushing away from what I want,
Reaching for what I can’t have, and
Rejecting the wealth I want.


So, I’m headed down another road,
Tired of being lost and down.
No more indulgin’ in the extremes.
I’m headed for the middle ground.
No more fearin’ what I want,
Keepin’ me tied and bound.
No more vacillatin’ back and forth.
No more running myself around.
I’m headed for the middle ground.

Verse 2

What I yearn for I avoid,
Living in a no man’s land.
What I desire I destroy,
Crushing the wealth in hand.

But, I’m getting out of
Yearning and pain.
I’m no longer reachin’
For what can’t be gained.

No more robbin’ myself
Of each and every delight.
No more rejectin’ the wealth
That’s in plain sight.


Verse 3

I’m openin’ my eyes,
Treasurin’ simple things.
I’m widenin’ my vision,
Delightin’ in what life brings.

I’m steppin’ back,
Countin’ my blessin’s.
Steppin’ forward,
No second guessin’s.

Tendin’ to the little things,
No time to kill and loiter.
Gettin’ rid of the extraneous,
I’m puttin’ my life in order.

Music and Lyrics Copyright © 2011 Forerunner Publications