Image of a Golden Ray of Light Shining through on some Darkened Woods

The Shambhala Pathway

The Shambhala Pathway is as old as antiquity. It is a practical, never ending road to enlightened, joyful living. It has been secretly passed down from Master to Master because this knowledge is best utilized, not by the masses, but by students who minds have already been trained … trained to focus, to maintain balance and to exercise restraint.

Untrained minds are too easily distracted to recognize and re-direct their own thoughts, emotions and physiological reactions. Untrained minds are unable to hold the tension of unconventional teachings long enough to savor their value. Untrained minds are unable to gather the mental, emotional and physical strength necessary to embark upon roads less traveled.

The Shambhala Pathway has four essential components. The first component, and most basic, is the Shambhala Life-Skills. There are twelve of these Life-Skills. Just as kicks, blocks, and punches create the fundamental building blocks of the martial arts, these twelve Shambhala Life-Skills lay a critical foundation for a life fully lived.

The second component of the Shambhala Pathway is intra- and inter-personal communication. Knowing how to communicate with the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of yourself will teach you everything you need to know about communicating with other people. If you know how to recognize and integrate the fragmented, competing aspects of yourself, you will know how to inspire other people to effectively cooperate.

The third component of the Shambhala Pathway (restricted) is the next advanced step in personal management which also increases your ability to powerfully influence others. This section is restricted because these advanced skills can be misused. Martial Arts Black Belts have learned that with increased power comes increased personal responsibility, so these pages are only available to registered Shambhala Black Belt members.

The fourth component of the Shambhala Pathway (restricted) gives you seldom revealed windows into the human mind. This knowledge is rarely shared in writing because of its sensitive nature. But, once again, Black Belts are believed to have the mental discipline and integrity necessary to respectfully receive and responsibly utilize these teachings.